Apocynum cannabinum


The different aspects of Apocynum cannabinum


The Apocynum cannabinum tree

Apocynum cannabinum is a poisonous plant. Though, it is used in homeopathy. If you want to know other details of the plant, read it here. All aspects are discussed.

Apocynum cannabinum is a type of poisonous plant, and it can be poisonous for all the living beings, including human beings, and dogs. If a person or a human being eats the plant, it can lead him to cardiac arrest, which can eventually lead to death. Though, it is a source of psychoactive drug.


The biotic component being a plant, it is studied in the category of plants. The plant is categorized under angiosperms, Asterids, Eudicots for its behavioral characteristics. It is one of the most important drugs, and is used in the preparation of medicine in the field of homeopathy.



The flower of Apocynum cannabinum

The Apocynum cannabinum plant is generally found in North America and South America, or in places, where there is immense rainfall, but the water do not get enough scope to leave the soil. It is for that reason, they are found very much the American country, or countries, close to the place.


As far as habitat of Apocynum cannabinums are concerned, they are found mainly in forests and hilly areas, and they are even found in hilly areas. Sandy soil is quite good for Apocynum cannabinum to grow and they are found in place, where sunlight cannot penetrate properly, as mentioned above.


Cultivation of Apocynum cannabinum is not that tough, and they can be cultivated in hilly areas under the shades of the trees, where sunlight can hardly reach. The next is, the place should be made moist, and condition should be created such that water cannot leave the soil. It can help the growth of Apocynum cannabinum.

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Scientific classification of Apocynum cannabinum

Apocynum cannabinum


Apocynum cannabinum

Apocynum cannabinum

Scientific Classification

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