Atropa Belladonna


Atropa belladonna has been used for medicial properties and as a cosmetic


The berries are lethal and toxic in nature

The plant has a long ancient history. It was used as a medicine and as a cosmetic. But, the berries are poisonous in nature. The toxicity is due to the tropane is native of southern and central Europe.

Atropa Belladonna is also known by the names, Deadly Nightshade or Belladonna. The plant has a very long history, used as a medicine and a cosmetic. But the sad part is that it id fatal for human beings as well. This is because of the foliage or the berries that are highly toxic in nature and thus considered as a poison. The berries consists of tropane alkoids which is lethal in nature. It was used as an anethetic agent for surgey before the Middle age era. The ancient Romans used as a posion and also used in the arrows


It is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Solanaceae family sharing with tomatoe, potato, chilli pepper, jimsonweed, eggplant, wolfberry and tobacco. Atropa is believed to derive from the Greek Goddess, Atropos, who designed course pf ,am’s life. Some of the common names include Deadly Nightshade, Devil’s Berries, Death Cherries, Great Morel, Banetwort, Naughty Man’s Cherries, Beautiful Death etc.



The flower looks attractive in violet color

It is the the native of Western Asia, Europe and North Africa. It is also available in Great Britain, Gilan in the Iranian province, Ukraine, USA and Canada.


The plant is native to the temperature found in Central and Southern Europe. But it is also available in North America, where it usually grows in moist and shady areas in soils that are rich in limestone.


Atropa Belladona is the species that is hardly used in the home gardens. The presence of the hard seed coats, germination of the seeds is challenging. Thus, there is dormancy with the seeds.

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Scientific classification of  Atropa Belladonna

 Atropa Belladonna


 Atropa Belladonna

 Atropa Belladonna

Scientific Classification

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