Bamboo plants- the largest in the grass family

The Bamboo is a subfamily of the of flowering evergreen perennial plants that are known as Poaceae.Giant bamboos are known to be one of the largest members of the grass family.and they are internally hollow.Bamboos are used for a number of things and they are known to be columnar rather than tapering.

Bamboos are large and hollow stem like plants are considered to be the largest in the grass family. They are hollow within and the vascular bundles in the cross section are scattered throughout the stem instead of cylindrical arrangements.The absence of secondary growth wood causes the stems of the bamboo to be columnar.


Freshly harvested sections of Bamboo shoots ready to be steamed

Freshly harvested sections of Bamboo shoots ready to be steamed

Bamboo is considered to be the most primitive form of grass because of presence of flowers with three iodicules. Six stamens and three stigmas.The Bamboo comprises of a number of tribes and genera of grasses which are now classified under other subfamilies. The subfamily belongs to the BOP clade of grasses, and the sister belongs to the Pooideae grasses. The bamboos comprise of three clades and are classified as tribes and they correspond to the geographic divisions. The new world species is called Olyreae and the Arundinarieae


Bamboo species are found in various kinds of climates.They range from East Asia, from 50°N latitude to Northern Australia and in sub Saharan Africa, In America, Argentina and mid Atlantic states.They also grow in Argentina and Chile Continental Europe is not known to have any native species of bamboo.Bamboo is also grown in the great lakes region of east central America


According to experts, bamboo requires to be cultivated with care

According to experts, bamboo requires to be cultivated with care

Bamboos are known to grow in diverse climates from cold and frosty mountains to hot and tropical weather.


Bamboo can be grown in a wide range of soils except rocky soils. Bamboo requires well drained sandy loam and clayey loam soils with 6.0 pH.Bamboo grows well in tropical and humid climate.It does not prefer temperatures under 15 degrees.Bamboos are known to have very shallow roots and luxurious growth, Region with very cold winds are not suitable for bamboo growth.

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Scientific classification of Bamboo





Scientific Classification

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