Blueberry- an excellent anti oxidant

Blueberries are beautiful perennial flowering plants with indigo colored fruits that are under the Vaccinium genus that also includes fruits like cranberries, grouse berries and more.They are native to North America and are delicious in taste.

Blueberries are erect and prostrate shrubs that can vary in size from 10 cms to a meter.The leaves are deciduous as well as evergreen, ovate and long and broad.The flowers of the plant are bell shaped and can vary from various colors like white, pink, pale red. Greenish and pale pink.They are pale greenish at first and then reddish purple and finally dark purple when ripe.They are very sweet with a tinge of sour taste.


Growing high bush blueberry with bird netting

Growing high bush blueberry with bird netting

The Blueberry family is the Ericaceae family.The identification of the scientific name of blueberry is done with the help of its genus and species. The species that have similar characteristic are placed under a particular genus. This fruit belongs to V. myrtillus species. Liliopsida and Magnoliopsida are the two divisions in which blueberries are classified. Blueberries belong to Magnoliopsida class


Blueberries are generally prevalent in North America, Canada, Europe. Asia and Africa as well as the Southern Hemisphere.Washington is known to be the largest producer of blueberries followed by Michigan and Georgia, Oregon, New Jersey, California and North Carolina.


Blue berries are an awesome post workout tool that has high amount of anti oxidant

Blue berries are an awesome post workout tool that has high amount of anti oxidant

Blueberry bushes are known to grow fruits in the middle of the season. The growth of fruits can, however, be affected by the difference in temperature as well as latitudes and longitudes.The peak crop can vary from May to August


Blueberries are very picky when it comes to soil.They require acidic soil that is high in organic matter and well drained but at he same time moist with a pH balance of 4-5.The blueberry bushes should be planted in the early spring.

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Scientific classification of Blueberry





Scientific Classification

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