Decorating your room with the best Bonsai

The Bonsai tree which is known as plantings in a tray is a Japanese form of art using trees grown in containers. The Bonsai tradition also is implemented in China. The Bonsai word is derived from a Japanese word.

Bonsai are trees and plants that can be grown in containers in a way so that they look beautiful and at the same time can bear fruits and flowers as well.The tree can grow as tall as 3 feet and can also change their color. There are various Bonsai conventions that are help all throughout the world including Florida, United States and Seol.


An Informal upright style Juniper Bonsai

An Informal upright style Juniper Bonsai

Bonsai can be classified into different types. All trees can be made into Bonsai forms.The most popular forms of Bonsai are Maple, Pine, Mango and much more.They fall into a large number of categories according to shape and size however it is important that the tree can maintain its own individuality


Bonsais can be grown all over the world in all sorts of shrubs and plants. They are grown all over the USA and Asia and they are grown as per the local climate


A bonsai tree can grow small or full sized fruits like apples, oranges or lemon

A bonsai tree can grow small or full sized fruits like apples, oranges or lemon

The Bonsai grows as per its own characteristics.They can grow in all local climates of the place as it demands.A Bonsai in USA would grow as per USA climate whereas a Bonsai in Japan will grow as per its climate.


The cultivation of Bonsai requires to be done really carefully so that all plants can grow well and can survive for a long period of time. There are various techniques of growing Bonsai plants and this includes trimming the leaves at regular intervals, pruning, wiring of the branches, grafting and many more. Cultivating Bonsai is an artistic hobby.The container should be chosen according to the shape of the tree as well as the size and color.This allows the bonsai to look good.

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