Growth of cassava plants in a row looks beautiful.

Cassava – The full of protein content good for health

Root based fruits and vegetables will always have a special feature among others. When compared to normal fruits, protein contents will be enriched more on Root based vegetables and fruits. Cassava is the highly organized food for many people around the world especially for maintaining diet. So it will be good for Health.

The root fruit named Cassava looks long and it was tapered around some threads. The biological name of this Cassava is Manihot esculenta. It’s a kind of Shrubs based on Woods. It comes under the Annual crop vegetable which was mostly found in Tropical regions. The main source of this food is up to Carbohydrates. In Spanish, this one is called as Yuca. It also belongs to the Shrubs family. Cassava has a special feature that it is the 3rd top source on Carbohydrates. Note that Rica and Maize is the first two in the list.


  • Kingdom: Plantae

  • (unranked): Angiosperms

  • (unranked): Eudicots

  • (unranked): Rosids

  • Order: Malpighiales

  • Family: Euphorbiaceae

  • Subfamily: Crotonoideae

  • Tribe: Manihoteae

  • Genus: Manihot

  • Species: M. esculenta


Healthy diets for most of the people nowadays.


This Cassava was highly distributed on many areas like Brazil, Spanish and so on. But the founded place will be varying from the distributed places. Due to health related reasons, it was cultivated to many parts.


The native place of this cassava belongs to America. It acts as staple food for many people in America. But after the identification, the cultivation was continued by Spanish and Portuguese.


Cultivation of Cassava requires some important things madly. It’s a crop which comes under tropical roots, so it takes at least 8 months to cultivate once in a year. It will not get damaged on any interruptions like flooding. After the crop, it takes some time to reproduce and to produce new leaves. It can be planted either on Dry or cool weather. It can grow effectively in the heavy rain. It needs complete sun to complete the photosynthesis because it is root based Fruit.

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Scientific classification of Cassava





Scientific Classification

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