Common lilac



Bunch of flowers looks lovely and adorable

A Special species from Olive family as lilac

Trees and plants are of different kinds and different species. Not all the trees will get the same products. Especially flowers will vary from one another. Everyone has an individual identity of their own. It’s a kind of aggressive species which was rare in type. The scientific name of Common lilac is Syringa Vulgaris. Often the tree or plant will be called as Lilac.

It’s a kind of flowering plants in the species of Olive. It’s in the form of small tree in the kind of shrubs. The actual height of this tree will be up to 7 m. From the base, it produced some shots. Leaves will be so simple and sized up to 12cm. The color of the leaf will be light green shaded. The flowers will look alike bunch set of V. It contains a fruit which was dried and looks like a tiny capsule in brown color. The seeds of this Common Lilac are separated into 2 winged types.


Carl Linnaeus was the first man founded this species at 1753. In this, “Vulgaris” denotes the term common.

  • Kingdom: Plantae

  • (unranked): Angiosperms

  • (unranked): Eudicots

  • (unranked): Asterids

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    Amazing group of Lilac flowers as branches

    Order: Lamiales

  • Family: Oleaceae

  • Genus: Syringa

  • Species: S. vulgaris


This special species is eventually distributed to several parts of Europe like France, U.K, Italy, and Germany and so on. Some parts of species are available on North America also. It will not type of Harmful species among other plants.


The native place of this Species is originally mentioned as Balkan Peninsula. This is the place where the species was founded at first time. After that it was distributed to several areas for pollination process.


It’s a kind of ornamental plant often identified in parks and garden. Some attractions are mainly included into this species as Flowers and Fruits. On summer it will start to flowering and pollinate the seeds. The extreme growth of the root made this plant/tree to flower more than twice. The complete naturalization of this species was developed at Northern part and Western part of Europe.

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Scientific classification of Common lilac

Common lilac


Common lilac

Common lilac

Scientific Classification

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