Cyperus Papyrus


Cyperus Papyrus on the Nile Grass is a species of aquatic flowering plants that belongs to the sedge family Cyperaceae .They are tender and herbaceous as well as perennial and are native to Africa.They usually grow by water sides in shallow water

Papyrus is a tall, robust leafless aquatic flower that grows approximately 4 to 5 mt high.It forms a green grass like clump of triangular, green stems that rise from thick and woody rhizomes.Each stem is again topped by a dense cluster of thin, bright and green threadlike stems which are 10-20 cms in length and resembles a feather duster.


Giant Papyrus plants in the river bank

Giant Papyrus plants in the river bank

The Papyrus is known to belong to the sedge family Cyperaceae.  It is a tender and soft herbaceous recurrent plant that is native to Africa, and forms tall stands of reed-like swamp vegetation in shallow water.


Papyrus plants are found usually in north and central Africa as well as Sri Lanka .It is also a native plant of the Nigel River and the Euphrates.Papyrus was also found in great quantities in Egypt.


Papyrus is a perennial herb that is found beside lakes, rivers and water beds in the form of floating mats. It is a well known weed all across the world. It usually grows in a moist climate and is used for a variety of things.


Dwarf Papyrus in a pond

Dwarf Papyrus in a pond

Papyrus is very easy to grow from seeds. It is known to make paper in Egypt.The seeds need to be planted close to the surface in moist planting soil that is mixed with peat and sand.The soil needs to be kept moist and at a temperature of 25 to 28 degrees Celcius. After they have grown, keep them in a sunny location so that they can be dried and then used for different purposes.

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Scientific classification of Cyperus Papyrus

Cyperus Papyrus


Cyperus Papyrus

Cyperus Papyrus

Scientific Classification

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