Group of Flowers looks and made beautiful surroundings

Decorate your house and places with Gerbera flowers

Flowers will be mostly used for Decoration purpose and some cannot able to hold on your heady. Those are the Decorative flowers which will look more beautiful but too large to handle. Among that, Gerbera is the rare species which looks attractive than others. It has a special treat that Gerbera is the fifth flower used mostly as cut flowers. It is widely used for Formation of studying flowers.

Gerbera is commonly an attractive plants and flowers for both Human and bees. It contains some derivates on it when turns to flowers. It comes under the genes of Plant Asteraceae. The species of this flower will vary as colors of White, Pink, Red, Yellow and Orange. But all these colors will be single flower. So it looks adorable to see and it will be a visual treat. The head of the flower will be small as measured as 7cm. The diameter of the flower will be 12 cm.


The first scientist who named this species as Gerbera was J.D. Hooker, in the magazine of Curtis’s Botanical. This happened at the time of 1889.

  • Kingdom: Plantae

  • (unranked): Angiosperms

  • (unranked): Eudicots

  • (unranked): Asterids

  • Order: Asterales

  • Family: Asteraceae

  • Subfamily: Mutisioideae

  • Tribe: Mutisieae

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    A Garden full of Gerbera flowers looks lovable

    Genus: Gerbera


This species are now all around the country. Due to its cause of decoration, it was cultivated more than others. It is the species of commercially important one. On Asia continent, it was available more now.


The native of this Gerbera species is from South Africa and it was named earlier as South African Species. Not only from SA, it also produced from some of the tropical regions like South America and Asia.


Cultivation of Gerbera includes Climate and Soil Quality. Climate should be tropical and completely protected from Frost. The surroundings should be fully of Green covers. The temperature should be maintained as 25 degree Celsius. And comes to soil, it will be well drained and Neutral limited soil. So only it can grow effectively.

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Scientific classification of Gerbera





Scientific Classification

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