Ginkgo biloba


Ginkgo biloba- maiden hair tree that survives from extinction

Ginkgo biloba, which is also known as Gingko or the maidenhair tree is the only living species in the division of Ginkgophyta, whereas the other species are all extinct.It is found in a variety of fossils dating back 270 million years back. It has various uses as a medicine as well as food.

Gingkos are large trees that normally reach a height of 20-35 feet with some specimens in China that are larger. The tree has an angular crown that is long with long, erratic branches and deep roots that are resistant to wind as well as snow.The young trees are tall and slender with less branches and the crown becomes broader as the tree ages up. The leaves turn a bright yellow and then fall within a short span of time.


A mature Gingko tree

A mature Gingko tree

The Gingko is classified in its own division and consists of a single class called Ginkgoopsida, of the order Ginkgoales and it is the only extant species within the group. It is one of the best examples of a living fossil . The relation of this tree with other plant groups are uncertain and it has thus been placed in the Spermatophyta and Pinophyta divisions.


Though this tree was found all over the world, once upon a time, it slowly reduced about 2 million years ago. It was only found in a small area in China.It is now found only in two small places in China


A small Gingko of maiden hair tree

A small Gingko of maiden hair tree

The trees occur in the wild and is found infrequently in deciduous forests and valleys on acidic soil as well as silty soil with good drainage.


The Gingko tree has been long cultivated In China in temples as well as other places. They adapt well to urban environments and also can stand heavy pollution and confined spaces in the soil. They do not suffer from any disease and survive insect infestation as well. These trees are easy to grow from seeds and can be kept small for a long period of time.

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Scientific classification of Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba


Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba

Scientific Classification

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