Hedera helix


Hedera helix can be used as a decorative piece

It is a woody climber, an evergreen perennial climbing vine. The leaves are dark green, waxy, leathery with whitish veins. Flowers are borne in spherical clusters in late summer to early fall. The flowers are small and greenish yellow in colour. The Fruits are in the colour yellow, orange and black berries.

It is a climber plant native to western, central and southern Europe, it is a common ivy and also widely known as English ivy or European ivy. Ivy has long been collected for winter decorations and is associated with Christmas. In ancient Rome, ivy was a symbol of intellectual achievement and ivy wreathes were used to crown winners of poetry contests.


A woody climber, valued for its ability to thrive in shady places, cover unsightly walls, sheds and tree stumps. It grows to upto 20–30 meters (66–98 ft) high.


You can find them in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Crete, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom.


It grows well in shady places cover unsightly walls, sheds and tree stumps but it is intolerant of drought and salinity. Habitats include forest openings and edges, fields, cliffs, steep and slopes.


Several types of Hedera helix are suitable for growing as a house plant and can be used as a hanging plant. They are also grown in partial to full shade in well-drained garden loam. Ivy has the ability to climb almost any vertical surface, clinging by means of aerial roots hence grown as ground cover plants as well.

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Scientific classification of Hedera helix

Hedera helix


Hedera helix

Hedera helix

Scientific Classification

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