Small flowers in between the larger leaves

Wild lily made you experience the Wild environment

Planting Wild Flowers at Home is not so easy. There are some dangerous environments can occur by planting Wild plants. So plants that are maintained by domestic only can be planted. But Lily flowers will be very attractive and feel blossoms on your nose. So planting Lily is not bad to live. A bunch of lilies will always be cute and beautiful to see.

This species will grow by adopting some other plants like stolons or Rhizomes. The leaves of this plant will be double shaded with Green and Yellow inside. The size of this leaf will be a maximum of 10 cm. The flower of this plant will be grown as a bunch of lily’s and it colored light violet. Each flower will be sized from 2 cm to 5 cm. Some of the white flowers will be sized up to 10 cm long.The nature of this flower is every flower will be closed by every evening and opened by every morning. This one will always blossom at late summer and so it is also called as August Lily.


  • Kingdom: Plantae

  • Clade: Angiosperms

  • Clade: Monocots

  • Order: Asparagales

  • Family: Asparagaceae

  • Subfamily: Agavoideae

  • Genus: Hosta


Double shaded leaves with Wild lily flowers


This species were spread to several parts of the region of tropical forest. You can find this species on every forest and now it was cultivated in Korea and Japan. By this cultivation, the species will grow more on the forest temperature.


The native place for this Genus, Hosta will be Northeast Asia. And on some other regions of China, Korea, Japan and Russia the genus also spread for better development.


It was widely cultivated in the parts of the Garden. That may be both in wild and domestic place. Though the first cultivation of this special species is found in China, but now it’s everywhere. There are more than 3000 registered cultivators are available for this species.

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Scientific classification of Hosta





Scientific Classification

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