Hydrangea- the everlasting flower

Hydrangea is a genus of 70-75 species of flowering plants that are native to southern and eastern Asia as well as America. They have been introduced by the Azores and grow in the Blue islands in large amounts.

The Hydrangea shrubs grow usually from 1 to 3 meters tall, but some of them are small trees as well. They can be either deciduous or evergreen and are produced from early spring to late autumn. The flower heads are comprised of two kinds of flowers- large showy flowers with colorful petals and small non showy flowers in the center.


Everlasting Hydrangea flowers on display

Everlasting Hydrangea flowers on display

The plant Hydrangea comes under the Hydrangeaceae family and is divided into a variety of sections and subsections. The ashy hydrangea and the silver leaf hydrangea were both considered to be subspecies of the smooth hydrangea. They are, however classified into separate species now


The Hydrangea plant is native to China and Japan and eastern United States.They are also found in places with tropical climates which are moist and humid with little sunlight.


The habitat Salvia hydrangea

The habitat Salvia hydrangea

The plant grows in cool and moist soil that is rich in mineral. They require a good amount of shade and grow in the woodlands, hedgerows or stream banks. They range from Southern New York to Florida and west to eastern Oklahoma and southeastern Kansas. They are found in moist soils beside river banks and streams and mountains as well.


These plants are cultivated in bright sunlight, but not too much sunlight. They require plenty of water till the root is fully soaked. It is necessary to apply fertilizer in the plants at regular intervals. These plants must also be pruned at regular intervals. They should be kept under 16 degrees temperature and not more.

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Scientific classification of Hydrangea





Scientific Classification

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