Japanese star anise


The star shaped fruit goes apt with the name


The star shaped fruits

The plant is native to Japan, but available in other parts of the world as well. The fruits are star shaped. High maintenance is required till the plants grow prpoperly. Sunny and warm weather is recommended.

Japanese star anise is a very lovely and highly toxic plant. It appears very similar to Chinese star anise in its dried form. The fruit of the plant is not edible in any form. Its branches and evergreen leaves are highly considered sacred by Buddhists, due to its ability to last freshly after pruning. The fruits are in a shape of a star, which looks amazing.


The scientific name of Japanese star anise plant is llicium anisatum. It is categorized as a shrub. Some of the common names are Japanese star anise, aniseed tree and sacred anise tree. It belongs to the Schisandraceae family and Equisetopsida class.


Japanese star anise is mainly found and native to Japan. It’s also found in southern China and northeast Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hainan and the Philippines.


The vibrant flowers


Japanese star anise prefers to grow in the sunny and warm weather. Its environment where these plants can normally live and occurs is Woodland Garden Sunny Edge and Dappled Shade.


Japanese star anise is spread or propagated from its seeds. These plants need special care and maintenance unless the plant never develops or grow properly. Grow the plants at least at intervals of one foot. Remove all the weak and unhealthy plants from its surroundings and also check that they are clear of weeds. The plants offer a strong, attractive aroma, which makes the cultivation more pleasant and aromatic.

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Scientific classification of Japanese star anise

Japanese star anise

Japanese star anise

Japanese star anise

Scientific Classification

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