A group of lavender flower

A group of lavender flower

Lavender is a genus of 39 species of flowering plants in the mint family called Lamiaceae.They are native to the old world and is available in Cape Verde and Canary Islands as well as Europe and Africa, Asia.They are known for their fragrance.

Lavender is a genus that includes annual or short lived herbaceous perennial plants and plants like shrubs.They are leaf shaped that are pinnately toothed with a single pinnate as well as multiple pinnates and dissected in most of the species.The leaves are covered with fine hair which normally are known to contain the essential oils.The flowers are known to be born in whorls and are held by spikes which rise above the foliage.There are various colors comprising of blue, violet, dark violet and yellowish with a tubular calyx.


The Europen species were considered to be two separate groups .There are five species of the plants.Lavendula is currently known to have three sub genera.


Lavender helps to reduce stress

Lavender helps to reduce stress

Lavenders are distributed all over Europe, Africa, Mediterranena, South west Africa.


Lavenders flourish in dry, well drained sandy or gravel soils in full sunlight.They need fertilization at some times as well as good air circulation.They also grow in areas of high humidity.They are used for making perfumes and well fragrant scents.They are also used as a stress reliever.


The most common form of culture is the English lavender.This is cultivated in worldwide gardens and are found to be growing as wild garden escapes beyond their natural habitat.They are harmless, but in some case they may become persistent as well.lavender grows in abundance in Australia and it has become a cause for concern and has also been declared as a weed.They do not require much care for growing.

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Scientific classification of Lavender





Scientific Classification

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