Lily of the valley


Lily of the Valley is an attractive plant to look at


The beautiful flowers

The plant belongs to three separate species. It is a flowering plant with beautiful scent. The plant requires high maintenance. Its beautiful appearance is its appeal.

Lily of the valley is a beautiful and sweetly scented plant, but is also a highly poisonous woodland flowering plant. Its scientific name is Convallaria majalis. Convallaria majalis or Lily of the valley is a nonwoody plant as well as a herbaceous perennial plant. The plants form extensive colonies by spreading underground stems which known as rhizomes. These plants, generally grow in the cool air.


Lily of the valley plant is divided into three separate species-

  • The Convallaria majalis plant from china and japan with red fruit and bowl shaped flowers which known as Keiskei.

  • The Convallaria majalis plant from Eurasia, which is white midribs on the blossoms.

  • Lily of the valley from the U.S with green tinted midribs on the blossoms which also called as Montana.


The flowering plant


Lily of the valley plants are distributed or found many areas of the earth. These plants, mostly found in the areas of the Northern Hemisphere in Asia, and Europe. It also grows in Japan, China, and some parts of eastern Asia. Some of the species of these plants are also seen in America.


Convallaria majalis or lily of the valley is chiefly found in high mountain regions which are cool temperate areas. The lily of the valley plant flowers is commonly used as a decorative garden plant across the world.


It is a sweet plant which also has very beautiful flowers. The Lily of the valley plant needs proper care and maintenance to grow and develop. Lily of the Valley can easily arise by the pips on the flora. These plants are primarily grown in the garden areas for its sweetly scented and amazing appearance.

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Scientific classification of Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley


Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley

Scientific Classification

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