Knowing about the Mandragora in detail


The flowers of Mandragora

Mandragora is a toxic plant. It has many aspects. The different properties are mentioned here. Read it for more information.

Mandragora is a plant, which look quite similar to small men without the presence of any facial hairs. They are believed to be devils, and there are a number of stories, which revolved around them in the mediaeval period. There are a number of stories, which are quite popular today, as well, which is related to Mandragora.


The plant is generally fond in the places of Mediterranean vegetation, and thus, the taxonomy of the plant belongs to that. Similar to other plants, which grow in the forest, it belongs to the class angiosperms, and it belongs to the kingdom plantae and asterids community of the plants family. The species is M. officinarum.



The drawing of a Mandragora plant

The Mandragora plant is generally found in the areas, where there is high salt water. Thus, they are found in the Mediterranean region with a number of other plants. Apart from Mediterranean region, they are even found in other places, where there are oceans, and the number of human beings is less.


The plant is generally found in places with dense vegetation, and it grows well in salt water. Thus, the two mentioned conditions are the best conditions for the growth of the plant. The plant living in such forest regions are quite toxic, and can cause a number of problems like drowsiness, blindness, etc.


As far as cultivation of Mandragora is concerned, there are no special conditions to cultivate such plants. Human intervention is not necessary for growing the Mandragora plant, and the best way to grow it, if necessary, is to grow it in the dense forest areas.

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