Oak Tree



The oak tree that connects the sky and the land amazingly

The Gift of Nature Has Yielded United States the Pride

Many species comprise together to form the family of oak trees. Since they come under the landscaping trees category they make awesome shade trees. This hardwood species have been considered as a staple tree in our general public for a considerable length of time and in 2004 was named America’s National Tree. Oak trees can live well more than 200 years and give several advantages, including wood and nourishment for untamed life.

A tree or bush in the sort Quercus of the beech family, Fagaceae is known as an oak. Roughly, at present there are 600 surviving types of oaks found spread all over the world. “Oak” is the common name may likewise present all over the world in the names of species that are related to the genera, outstandingly the Lithocarpus.


  • Kingdom – Plantae

  • Phylum – Angiosperms

  • Class – Eudicots

  • Order -Fagales

  • Family – Fagaceae

  • Genus – Quercus

  • Species – Austrina


The golden yellow shade of the oak tree just grabs our hearts


The variety is local toward the Northern Hemisphere, and incorporates deciduous and evergreen species stretching out from cool, mild to tropical scopes in the Americas, Europe, North Africa and Asia.


Oaks are considered to be a keystone species in an extensive variety of territories from Mediterranean semi-desert to subtropical rainforest. The common oak has a comparable appropriation, happening all through the vast majority of Europe.


The oak is developed in hotter atmospheres as an example tree or for shade in the southern United States. Furthermore, it is found, cultivated in the hotter parts of the United States, Australia and Europe. Development is moderately basic, as oak seedlings develop quick with adequate soil dampness. Only just intermittent supplemental water is needed following a couple of years for the oak.

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Scientific classification of Oak Tree

Oak Tree


Oak Tree

Oak Tree

Scientific Classification

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