Violet petals are blushing the entire flower with attractive designs

Passiflora Flowers will decorate your places very much

Passiflora flowers are also called as Passion flowers due to the look and likes of the beauty. This plant provides the most beautiful flower which will be used for decorating purpose. It’s a designer flower with lot of petals and inner antennas. The vines are the best part of this flower which looks more attractive. This is one of the rare species in the Decorating field.

The plant with full of Shrubs and the flowers looks adorable without any shrubs. Few species only will have that ability to produce the beautiful flowers. It has the unique structure which a large bee can able to pollinate easily. The fruit of this plant will be very tasty and loved by most of wooden bees. The size and structure of Flowers and fruits will be in medium size. This leaves provide foods for Larva as daily food. The leaves are very broad when compared to others. So insects can able to lay more eggs on the single leaf.


  • Kingdom: Plantae

  • (unranked): Angiosperms

  • (unranked): Eudicots

  • (unranked): Rosids

  • Order: Malpighiales

  • Family: Passifloraceae

  • Genus: Passiflora


Dancing Petals looks lovable with the Color of the Flower


This rare type of species is circulating all over the Southern America, Southern Asia, Eastern Asia and Guinea. Most of the species will be available in these regions only. Some other species also founded in U.S. And on Florida Keys, important species was found on the same Genes.


The Native of this Rare Species is up to United States. Generally most of the Flowers native is belong to U.S. And some of the new species also identifying and it was continued due to the look and attractiveness of the flower.


Cultivation process of Passiflora is very easy but there was a disadvantage on growing plants on winter. It was not suitable for winter region. The root should be full of Moist and dirt on every time. It should be Sunny every day. Then only you can expect Good growth of this flower.

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Scientific classification of Passiflora





Scientific Classification

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