A Peony an grow to be really big

A Peony an grow to be really big

The peony is a flowering plant in the Paeonia genus in the Paeoniaceae family.They are majorly found all across Asia, Europe, and Western North America.There are a number of species f this plant and can be distinguished from one another well.

These are deciduous perennial herbs with stick storage roots and thin roots that help in gathering water and minerals.Some of the species produce adventitious buds while some produce stolons.They have compound leaves without any gland and stipules. Different species have different characteristics.They come on beautiful pink colors and can be used fro decorative purposes.


The peony is a flowering plant in the Paeonia genus in the Paeoniaceae family. The genus Paeonia consists of about 35 species, assigned to three sections: Moutan, Onaepia and Paeonia.The relation of the species is however very complex to understand.


Dozens of pink Peones

Dozens of pink Peones

These plants usually occur in the temperate as well as cold areas on the Northern Hemisphere. The Moutan section is restricted to the Central and Southern China including Tibet. The Onaepia consist of two herbaceous species and is present in the West of North-America.These plants are also distributed in Russia Siberia Yien Shah mountains and Mediterrnanean in Asia.


The Peony species come in two separate growth habits, while the hybrid cultivars in addition may occupy transitional habits. They come in either herbaceous category or Intersectional categories. During summer, renewal buds develop on the underground stem at the foot.


These plants were previously used for flavoring food. Peonies have been used and cultivated in China since early history. Ornamental cultivars were created from plants cultivated for medicine in China as of the sixth and seventh century. They grow in warm and temperate climates as well as cold winter climates in countries like Siberia.

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Scientific classification of Peony





Scientific Classification

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