Physalis is also referred to as the pineapple cherry

Physalis – The right ingredient for your salads

Physalis is a genus of flowering plants that comes under the family Nightshade, which grow in subtropical or warm temperate regions of the universe. Several species, of which there may be seventy five to ninety, are indigenous to the new globe. The fruit is small and orange, familiar in shape, size and structure to a small tomato.

Physalis are herbaceous plants developing to 0.4 to 3 m tall, like the basic tomato, a plant of the same family, however more often than not with a stiffer, more upright stem. They can be either yearly or lasting. Most require full sun and genuinely warm to hot temperatures. A few animal categories are touchy to ice, yet others, for example, the Chinese light, P. alkekengi, endure extreme icy when torpid in winter.


  • Kingdom: Plantae

  • (unranked): Angiosperms

  • (unranked): Eudicots

  • (unranked): Asterids

  • Order: Solanales

  • Family: Solanaceae

  • Subfamily: Solanoideae

  • Tribe: Physaleae

  • Subtribe: Physalinae

  • Genus: Physalis


Bunch of physalis fruit Physalis peruviana on a sky blue background


Once formulated from its husk, it can be eaten widely and used in salads. Some categories are added to desserts, utilized as flavoring, established into fruit preserves, or dried and used like raisins.


Physalis is an origin of Americas, but is typically available in several subtropical areas. Its benefit in South Africa close to the Cape of Good Hope motivated its general name. Other species of commercial consequence comprise the tomatillo. Some countries, such as Colombia, have a significant economic business in this fruit.


These plants develop in most soil sorts and do exceptionally well in poor soils and in pots. They require dampness until fruiting. Plants are powerless to a number of the regular tomato maladies and bothers, and different nuisances.

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Scientific classification of Physalis





Scientific Classification

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