Pitaya- One of the best beneficial fruits

Pitaya is a fruit of the Cactus species that is indigenous to the South of America that belongs to the cactus family. Vietnam is the main commercial producer of the Pitaya fruit in the region. The fruit is very tasty and refreshing and is known to contain a large amount of Vitamin C.

The Pitaya is a climbing cactus Vine that grows really well in dry areas. It is an Epiphytic plant that grows in dry soil. The flowers are large and white and measure around 30 cm long or more. They are used for decoration purpose and produce a sweet fragrance when it blooms. The flowers bloom only for a night. The fruit has four to six cycles in a year. The fruit has a dramatic appearance with bright pink or yellow. The fruit is oval shaped as well as pear shaped with a sweet taste.


The Pitaya fruit- from Cactus

The Pitaya fruit- from Cactus

The scientific name of the fruit is Hylocereus undatus and it is called the Night blooming cactus and the night blooming cereus.The Pitaya varieties are Stenocereus fruit that is the sour fruit and Hylocereus which is the sweet fruit.


The fruit is native to Central America and is known as Pitaya in Mexico. It is a Spanish name for fruiting vines of Central America. It is found in Colombia and Nicaragua and is bought from Guyana in South America.It is also known as moon flower. The fruit is also found in Vietnam on a large scale basis. It is one of the most profitable fruits of Thailand, New Zealand, Hawaii and Australia.


The Pitaya cultivation on a braod scale basis.

The Pitaya cultivation on a braod scale basis.

The Pitaya is known as the dragon fruit and usually blooms in dry and semi arid areas like deserts.


Pitaya flowers are known to bloom overnight and are known to wither by morning. They rely on bats and nocturnal animals for fertilization. If a healthy piece of stem is broken off, it may act as a root and start growing. These flowers can handle temperature of 40 °C and very less snow but does not survive in very cold temperatures.

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