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Poinsettia – A Beautiful Christmas Tradition

The poinsettia is a commercially essential plant species of the various spurge families. The species are origin form Mexico. It is certainly well known for its green and red foliage and is probably used in Christmas floral decorations. It derives its typical English name from Joel Roberts Poinsett is the first US minister to Mexico.

The botanical name of Poinsettia is Euphorbia Puicherrima is a small or shrub tree, generally reaching a height of 2-13 feet. The colored bracts, which are most probably flaming red but can be pale green, orange, are often mistaken for flower petals because of their colors and groupings. They are collected within small yellow layouts found in the middle of each leaf bunch known as Cyathia.


  • Kingdom: Plantae

  • (unranked): Angiosperms

  • (unranked): Eudicots

  • (unranked): Rosids

  • Order: Malpighiales

  • Family: Euphorbiaceae

  • Genus: Euphorbia

  • Species: E. pulcherrima


Red and green poinsettia plant for Christmas


The poinsettia is local to Mexico. It is found in the wild in deciduous tropical woodlands at moderate rises from southern Sinaloa down the whole Pacific shoreline of Mexico to Chiapas and Guatemala. It is additionally found in the inside in the hot, regularly dry woods of Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. Reports of E. Pulcherrima developing in the wild in Nicaragua and Costa Rica have yet to be affirmed by botanists.


It is broadly developed and exceptionally prominent in subtropical atmospheres, for example, Australia, Rwanda and Malta. The poinsettia has additionally been developed in Egypt since the 1860s, when it was brought from Mexico amid the Egyptian battle.


In regions outside its regular habitat, it is generally developed as an indoor plant where it lean towards great morning sun, then shade in the more sultry part of the day. As opposed to prevalent thinking, blooming poinsettia can be kept outside, amid winter; the length of it is kept ice free.

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Scientific classification of Poinsettia





Scientific Classification

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