Prune and its various health benefits

The Prune is a dried form of European plum. Fresh prunes are now an obsolete fruit and are eaten only after drying. Prunes are required for several uses are now cooked in dishes as well.Prunes are known to have a variety of health benefits

Prunes are the dried form of plums and they are usually black in color.They are round and small in shape and soft as well.Prunes are great fruits for many kinds of health benefits such as constipation and most prunes are free stone whereas most prunes are generally grown for fresh consumption


A Prune fruit on skewers in a white cup

A Prune fruit on skewers in a white cup

The prune is a dried form of the plum fruit


Prunes are mostly found all over the world. They are found in any food shop in the fried form as packed and packaged products.T hey bloom all over the world, however, do not bloom in very cold countries.California is known to manufacture 99% of the nations prunes.Other prune producing countries are France, Chile and Argentina.


Freshly made Prune juice

Freshly made Prune juice

A Prune requires at least 6 hours of sunlight to grow on a daily basis. They are vulnerable to the cold weather from the time the flowers bloom to the time of harvesting. The prune trees can be damaged if there is a drop in temperature when the tree is in full bloom or when there is fruit on the tree.


Italian prune trees sre kept as dwarf trees around 10-12 feet with proper maintenance.They are self fertile and hardy and the fruit is delicious to eat whether fresh or canned. Prune trees take a long time to blossom and farmers have to wait for 6- 8 years before they can see the tree yield fruit. The prune plum tree is a deciduous variety. The prune blossoms bloom during spring and by mid August the trees are ready to harvest. Once the prunes are collected, they are dried, packaged and sold

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