Prunus serotina

Do you know Blck cherry tree belongs to the rose family?

The glossy leaves

Black cherry is a shrub or a small tree. It belongs to the rose family. You can find it grow in the forest areas and lawns and fence rows as well. The berries are edible.


The edible fruit

It is a rapidly growing, medium sized forest plant, growing up to the size of 50 to 80 feet. The leaves are usually 2 inches to 5 inches in size and the flowers are 5 pettaled. Several dozen flowers grow at a time and give you with the edible berries or drupes, reddish black in color.


Prunus Serotina is the scientific name for black cherry tree belong to the rose family and Prunus genus. The alternative names include rum cherry, mountain black cherry, wild black cherry etc. It is a deciduous plant species, associated very closely with chokecherry. Black cherry is classified as a shrub or a small tree consisting of glossy small leaves.


This shrub has been very commonly found in North America and in South America as far Argentina, it is also widespread in the neighboring country, Mexico.

The glossy leaves


Well drained, deep, moist and fertile soil is perfect for black cherry tree to grow. Apart from growing in the forests, you can also find black cherry trees the fence rows, woodlands and open fields as well. Black cherry is considered as one of the most valuable timber trees in the Ohio region.


Since the seeds of the plant has the potential to germinate rapidly, black cherry tree can grow in forests, lawns, fences and borders. Even if the seedling is under the brush, the tree can grow. For the cultivation purpose, the tree prefers the rich , fertile moist soil or different pH levels. In fact, black cherry trees can also tolerate the poor quality, draught laden soil.

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Scientific classification of Prunus serotina

Prunus serotina


Prunus serotina

Prunus serotina

Scientific Classification

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