A Garden with tall rhododendrons in Washington

A Garden with tall rhododendrons in Washington

Rhododendron which is an ancient Greek rose is also called rhodies.It is a genus of the 1024 species of woody plants in the heath family. They can be either evergreen or deciduousand is found mainly in Asia.

Rhododendron is a genus that is characterized by shrubs as well as small trees.The smallest species grow up to 100 cms in length and the largest is known to be 98 feet tall.The leaves are spirally arranged and the size of the leaf can range from 1–2 cm to 50 cms.In some of the species, the leaves are also covered with scales or hairs.They are noted for their cluster of flowers in one branch and there are alpine species with small flowers as well.


The Rhododendron genus is the largest of the genera in the Ericaceae family with around 1024 species. There are around 1000 species which are known, however the taxonomy of Rhododendron is known to be very complex.


A Rhododendron park in Germany

A Rhododendron park in Germany

The rhododendron species are widely distributed between latitudes 80°N and 20°S and they basically found in North America, Russia, Europe, Asia, Greenland, Queensland , Australia and Solomon Island. They are also widely spread across the Himalayas and Malaysia with species also around China , Burma and Nepal and Sikkim. You can also find rhododendrons in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.


The Rhododendron is known to spread all across the world in various places. They grow in Cold winters as well as in warm tropical climates and they are sturdy trees with beautiful flowers.


Rododendrons are grown as ornamental plants in landscaping in many parts of the world including temperate and sub temperate climate. They can be grown by air layering or stem cutting and sending shoots from the roots.They are also used in foundations of hedges.

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Scientific classification of Rhododendron





Scientific Classification

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