Ricinus communis


Ricinus Communis grows anywhere with a suitable climate


Look at the beautiful red flowers

The plant can grow well in cooler climate climates. In fact, it can develop on wastelands as well. It is prevalent in India, Africa amd Mediterreran regions. It is also widespread in tropical regions.

Ricinus communis, is also known by the name castor oil plant, or castrobean. The plant can greatly vary in its appearance and habitat growth. It features glossy leaves that can be as long as 15 to 45 centimetres. It is a rapidly growing or developing suckering perennial shrub that can reach the size of a small tree, measuring around 12 meters to 39 feet within a few days. Moreover, the flowers are available in variable shades of green and red. There are some flowers that are without the petals. The fruit is greenish to reddish purple in color and shiny. The seeds are poisonous in nature.


It is a species of flowering plant that belong to the spurge family, known as the Euphorbiaceae. It is said that Ricinus Communis is the only one specicies belong to the monotype genus, ricinus and the subtribe known as the Ricininae. Do you know mixed pollination system is involved via the geitonogamy along with the out-crosser by entomophily or anemophily.


Castor bean is the seed, but it is not actually a bean. The castor oil plant is mainly found in Eastern Africa, India and Southeastern Mediterranean Basin. But apart from these regions, one can also find the plant wide spread in the tropical regions.


The long stemmed plant


The plant is widely spread across the tropical areas apart from Africa, India and Mediterrean areas. Areas where the climate is suitable, the castor oil plant can grow. In fact, it grows on wasteland as well. Areas with cooler climate, like in Southern England, the plant grows well outdoors.


It can be easily cultivated because a suitable climatic condition can help in its growth. Moreover, it is used as a decorative plant in public places like parks and gardens.

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Scientific classification of Ricinus communis

Ricinus communis


Ricinus communis

Ricinus communis

Scientific Classification

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