Rosa Iceberg

Grow beautiful white roses in your garden

Iceberg rose is a delight for every gardener

Roses make a delight for every gardener. White roses are considered a sheer beauty. Iceberg rose is considered as one of the best forms. What about growing them at your lawn.

They grow in clusters


Iceberg rose care is considered as one of the best known roses available in the world. It is white in color and available in two forms commercially, one bush and the other is the standard. The flowers in the clustered form with long stems and have 25 to 35 petals. The flowers have pleasant fragnant and grows all through the year.


It belongs to the family of Rosaceae and belongs to the genus of iceberg rose care. It was first bred in Germany in 1958 by Kordes. It is a semi evergreen, deciduous shrub that consists of purple or red fruits. Iceberg rose care has been honoured with the Royal National Rose Society Gold Medal.


If you notice minutely, you will find that the white colored, best quality roses are available in abundant throughtout the world. It was first planted in Germany in 1958, and gradually it spread all over Europe, America, Cananda, Asia and Australia and every continent in the world.


Roses are the species that grow comparatively better in sunlight. But this particular Rosa species seems to grow well in the shades as well. Whether it is the lawns, gardens or open land, with the right pH level of the soil between 6.5 to 7.0, you can grow the beautifully white rose. You can perform the soil test before planning to grow the plant. The bes part is that it is tolerant to varying soil types ranging from chalk, loam, clay and sand.

Just look! How beautiful they are


With the balanced, fertile soil type, you can cultivate the white roses all around the year. Make sure there is adequate sun and air and water supply.

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Rosa Iceberg
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Rosa Iceberg

Rosa Iceberg

Scientific Classification

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