Homestead Purple’ Verbena known for its long bloom season

Verbean – Amaze your garden at your comfort

Verbena is a genus that comes under the family verbenaceae. It includes about two hundred and fifty species of perennial and annual herbaceous or semi body flowering plants. Most of the species are origin to the Asia and America. Several species, of which there may be seventy five to ninety, are indigenous to the new globe.

The leaves are typically simple, opposite and in several species hairy, frequent densely so. The flowers are small, with 5 petals and borne in dense spikes. Generally some blue shade, they may also be pink, purple and white, particularly in cultivars.


  • Kingdom: Plantae

  • (unranked): Angiosperms

  • (unranked): Eudicots

  • (unranked): Asterids

  • Order: Lamiales

  • Family: Verbenaceae

  • Genus: Verbena


Violet Princess Verbena with green leafs in the garden


While general vervain is not native to North America, which has been established there and for instance the Pawnee have claimed it as an entheogen increaser and in oneiromancy, much as used in Mexico. They can be either yearly or lasting. Most require full sun and genuinely warm to hot temperatures.


They are esteemed in butterfly planting in reasonable atmospheres, pulling in Lepidoptera, for example, the Hummingbird bird of prey moth, Chocolate gooney bird, or the Pipevine swallowtail, furthermore hummingbirds, particularly V. officinal is, which is likewise developed as a nectar plant.


Some hybrids, species and cultivars of Verbena are used as ornamental plants. They are dry spell resistance, tolerating full of instant sun, and enjoy well drained, medium soils. Plants are generally grown from seed. Some hybrids and species are not hardy and are treated as partially hard annuals in bedding patterns.

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Scientific classification of Verbena





Scientific Classification

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