The white flowers blooming

Sarvis Berry is popular for its colourful flowers. In fact, it is the fruits for which the plant is mainly cultivated. It is usually found in Northern American states, Canada and even in some parts of Europe and Asia. The North American tribes have used the plant for its medicinal properties.


The fruits that are used for jams and pies

Sarvis berry is very popular as an ornamental shrub, because of their colourful flowers that reflects the season of Fall in the best possible manner. Like any other plant, Sarvis Berry requires the minimum conditions like apt soil, good drainage, air circulation, proper watering etc. The tribes from North America have used the plant from ancient days for medicinal properties to cure cough and cold, sore throat, stomach upsetsulcers, burns etc.


The plant is also known by the name, Amelanchier, service berry, shadwood, shadbush, juneberry, sarvis, wild plum or sugar plum and Saskatoon. Depending on its growth of territory in Asia, Europe, Canada and USA, it has several species categorization.


Sarvis is the native plant of Northern Hemisphere locations, widely diverse in North America. You will find the plant mainly in the northern part of the United States of America and several parts of South East Canada. Except for Hawaii, you will find Sarvis berry in every state of America and also in every territory and state of Canada.

The white flowers blooming


This Northern Hemisphere native plant can be found mostly in the rich moist soil, ranging from sandy loam to clay, plain sandy soil and limestone based as well. It is because of their habitat, that the plants form thickets and dense clusters of white flowers.


Sarvis berry is grown as the deciduous shrub that is cultivated mainly for its food production. The fruit gets harvested mainly for pies and jams in the local market. In fact, the flavour of sarvis berry is mixed with minced meat and is a popular food.

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