Arecaceae – the tropical trees beside beaches

The plmiye agacı en tree which is better known as the palm tree grows in tropical climates.They are usually found beside sea beaches and sandy soils and stand tall and strong with fruits that are delicious to eat.

Palm trees are conical trees with just a straight and self supporting branch and no protruding stems.There are many leaves in the body.The largest palm tree can be 30 meters in height with hanging fruits.The trunk is green when young and gray when old. The leaves are long and blade shaped with pointed ends. The base of the leaf is long, smooth and green. The flowers are white in color and are unisexual.The stems have hooked prickles that help people to climb them.


Palm sunset in Minoo island

Palm sunset in Minoo island

There are around 2800 species of the Palm family. The family is known to be an isolated group that grows within its own line of family. The characterisitc features of palm trees make it really easy to ascribe it to a family of plants despite its resemblance with screw pines and cycads


Palm trees usually grow in hot and humid climate as well as tropical climates. They are spread over Asia, Africa, America and various other islands in the pacific countries with sea beaches surrounding it.They are also distributed across Afghanistan, and Chile.


Malaysia is at the forefront of sustainable palm oil production, said Malaysia

Malaysia is at the forefront of sustainable palm oil production, said Malaysia

Most palm trees are known to grow in the tropics and subtropics.They are found in abundant throughout the tropical zone and thrive in almost in any kind of habitat. They are mostly found in low, wetlands in ecological hot spots like Madagascar. There are four kinds of palm trees in Florida, namely the cabbage tree, the blue stem, the needle palm, and the saw palmetto.


Palm trees are cultivated due to various reasons.The Palm fruit as well as Palm Oil is used in all especially, in China. Locals also like drinking the palm wine after fermenting the same.

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Scientific classification of Arecaceae





Scientific Classification


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