A Group of Azalea flowers

A Group of Azalea flowers

Azalea is known to be flowering shrubs in the Rhododendron family.They are known to bloom in the spring and their flowers are known to last for weeks.They prefer staying under shade and trees. They are a part of the Ericaceae family.

The Azalae are classified by showy flowers which have a cluster of various colored flowers like pink, red, yellow, orange, purple, white and many more.They are different from the other members of the rhododendron family.They are known to have deciduous leaves but some species are also known to be evergreen as well.They are small shrubs that are perennial in nature.They have only one bloom per stem,It is a hardy plant that is easy to grow in almost all climates.


The genus name for the Azalea is Rhododendron simsii. Though,they are related to Rhododendrons, they are not as hardy as the garden variety of this plant and should be kept indoors over the winter months.


The Azalae are native to China and Thailand, but now they are available in many parts of the world. They grow during the early spring just before they start to blossom.


The Azalea comes in not only white but other colors as well

The Azalea comes in not only white but other colors as well

The natural habitat lies in the speckled sunlight of a forest with moving trees that alternately provide them with bright sunlight and protective shade. These plants prefer living in the shade of trees. This environment will help the plants to bloom quickly and blossom as well


These plants are very easy to grow if you plant them in the right kind of soil. If you live in an area that has hard water, then water the plants with rainwater or else the leaves may turn yellow in color. Brown leaves signify that the plants are not getting enough water.

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Scientific classification of Azalea





Scientific Classification

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