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Osage orange

It is an uncommon tree. Fruits are grown. They are available in varying colors. Why don’t you plant them. Hedge apple tree is a small to medium-sized tree. This tree looks like a short trunk and a rounded or irregular crown shape. The height of a hedge apple tree is between 8 to 15 meters.

Rosa Iceberg

Grow beautiful white roses in your garden Iceberg rose is a delight for every gardener Roses make a delight for every gardener. White roses are considered a sheer beauty. Iceberg rose is considered as one of the best forms. What about growing them at your lawn. Iceberg rose care is considered as one of the

Prunus serotina

Do you know Black cherry tree belongs to the rose family? The glossy leaves Black cherry is a shrub or a small tree. It belongs to the rose family. You can find it grow in the forest areas and lawns and fence rows as well. The berries are edible. It is a rapidly growing, medium