Couma macrocarpa

The creamy, sticky latex

Couma is a tropical plant. You will find the plant growing in the Central and South America. It is a useful tropical plant with medicinal properties. Don’t you want to know about it.


Couma the plant with the medicinal properties

As a tropical flowering plant, Couma has several medicinal properties that make it so popular and widely known. It is medium sized plant with dark colored bark and grows up to 12 to 28 meters in height. There are some specimens of the plant that are known to grow up to a height of 40 meters.


It is a flowering plant that belongs to the family of Apocynaceae. Barca is its common and the plant is considered as one of the popular ones in Central America, producing wood and edible fruits and latex, often sold in the local markets. You will be surprised to find that the latex is creamy in texture that can be drunk similar to cow’s milk. In fact, it is also used to make chewing gums.


The plant is native to the humid and the tropical climate and weather conditions of Central and South America. It ranges from Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuala in South America and from Panama to Guatemala in Central America.


Couma is usually found in the areas that are above the sea levels, in clear pastures and in low wet mixed forests, usually in the upland areas of well drained sites in Amazon.

The Couma plant standing tall


The plant is usually cultivated on the low land humid areas of the Central and South America. Moreover, Couma also prefers to grow in shady regions away from the direct sunlight and heat. It is wild tree that cannot be grown anywhere else other than the forest areas.

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Scientific classification of Couma macrocarpa

Couma macrocarpa


Couma macrocarpa

Couma macrocarpa

Scientific Classification

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