Flower speaks a language of beauty

A flower which is known as a bloom or a blossom is a reproductive structure in floral, plants which are also known as angiosperms. The biological function of a flower is to affect reproduction by providing a mechanism for union of sperm and egg.

A flower is a reproductive unit of an angiosperm plant. They are many varieties of flowers, but all flowers have a common characteristic. The angiosperm has an enclosed ovary which comprises of the developing seeds. Flowers have male and female parts and the seeds help in producing flowers. A flower may have exclusively male or female parts or both.They consist of various segments as well.


Different kind of flowers

Different kind of flowers

There are various kinds of flowers that have different characteristics. Different flowers have different taxonomy as well. Plant taxonomy is known to be a science of naming species, according to division. They are divided into families, genus and species, scientific names, common names and more. The taxonomic classification changes according to the research.


Flowers are distributed all across the world in all countries. You would not find a single place without a flower. There are various kinds of flowers including flowers that bloom in the garden as well as in the wild.


Flower cultivation is known to be a very profitable means of revenue for farmers

Flower cultivation is known to be a very profitable means of revenue for farmers

Different kinds of flower have different kinds of habitat and characteristic traits. The different flowers which bloom in different countries have different habitat. Flowers are required for a number of purposes, including decoration, making perfume, for medicinal purpose, for making dyes and much more. They have been admired for beautifying the environment and adding beauty.


Different flowers are cultivated in different ways. Some flowers bloom in warm and temperate climate while some bloom in the cold winter. Some flowers require a lot of water, whereas some flowers like cactus do not require any water.

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