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Grow and care of your Hyacinth flower for better look on Decoration

The decorating flowers will always have the additional attention among other plants. On each and every look, it grabs our attention into it. For people that love to grow Decorating flowers in their home. So, it will be the best option among Decorating flowers. It is generally named as Hyacinths. This is a kind of special genus which was rare to find.

This special flower grown in the form of bulbs. Each leaf will produce some linear leaves with some spikes around them. This comes under Wild species of Genus. Spaces are allocated for this flower to blossom. The height of this flower will be up to 20 cm and 8 inch. Some denser spikes will be available inside the flower. It was one of the most used species in Wild forest and now it was available in all places for Decorating purpose.


  • Kingdom: Plantae

  • Clade: Angiosperms

  • Clade: Monocots

  • Order: Asparagales

  • Family: Asparagaceae

  • Subfamily: Scilloideae

  • Genus: Hyacinthus


Beautiful violet flowers in a bunch of blossoms


The distribution of this species will be very broad in the region of Scilla and enclosed with the lily family. Some clusters along with the Stalks are having a common name as Hyacinth. Some of the Genus are confused with Muscari, because both will look alike same.


The native of this special genus belongs to the region of the Eastern Mediterranean. It covers up to South Turey to Lebanon and North east Iran.


This species will be cultivated in the season of Autumn. It should be planted as bulbs of each 4 bulbs. Contains some space of 3’’ apart every plantation. The soil should be Well drained and fertile on partial shade. Waterless until it buds at the first time. Temperature should be increased gradually and always lights to be on as Sunlight. Sun light is essential for this growth of the species.

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Scientific classification of Hyacinth





Scientific Classification

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