Iris- the best adornment for gardens

Iris is a genus of 260 species of flowering plants with beautiful colored flowers. The name has been derived from the Greek name rainbow and the Greek Goddess of Rainbow.There are a wide variety of this flower that is popularly grown in the garden

Iris are perennial flowers that grow from rhizomes as well as bulbs in the dry climate. They are known to have long and erect stems that are solid and hollow or flattened with a circular cross section. These species have around 3-10 basal sword shaped leaves that grow in dense clumps. The inflorescences are shaped like a fan and contain one or more flowers that droop downwards. The flowers are found in a variety of designs like dotted and lined designs.


Clump of iris Cristata with a couple of crimson Columbines

Clump of iris Cristata with a couple of crimson Columbines

Iris is the largest genus of the Iridaceae family with up to 300 species. Many of them are known to be natural hybrids. The modern classifications start from the Dykes. Dykes are again sub grouped into Lawrence and Rodionenkowhile the six sun genera are classified into twelve sections.Of these, the sub genus Limneris is again divided into 16 sections. In general, the modern classifications usually recognize six sub genera in which five come from the Old world and the last one has a Holarctic distribution.


All species of Iris are found in the temperate Northern hemisphere zones ranging from Europe to Asia as well as North America. Iris is usually found in dry and semi desert areas or cold, rocky mountains and grassy slopes, meadow lands, riverbanks and bogs.


An Iris flower that has bloomed in the Spring time

An Iris flower that has bloomed in the Spring time

Iris is known to grow in clumps by the river sides or shallow water and ponds and banks. They are often introduced in garden ponds as ornamental plants.It grows in a large variety of soil types ranging from beaches to gravel beds, on rhizomes that grow over bare rocks and roots. It also tolerates a high level of organic soil and low level of oxygen.


Iris is grown as an ornamental plant in homes as well as in botanical gardens. Some of the most well decorated gardens in Europe have been adorned with Iris flowers. Iris requires any kind of garden soil that has been well drained. Due to various kins of geographic origins, the cultivation needs of iris differ greatly.

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Scientific classification of Iris





Scientific Classification


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