Blossoms of flowers everlasting everywhere

Little bit pinky flowers to create the Wow experience

Forest is famous for animals and the most important thing is about Plants and flowers. Many rare kind of species are getting from forest nowadays. This flower Kalanchoe will look at Dark pink in small size. It made everyone attractive at the first look. It is very rare species in America. The look of the flowers will be spreaded all over the plants.

These kinds of flowers mostly as Shrubs but this type of species belong to Annual pants. The plant will look larger when compared to others. It has a special characteristic of reproducing inner cells inside the flowers by opening in every morning. The outside petal looks as the closed surface of the body. Michel Adanson, the botanist who first discovered this species. He is the man kept this name for this flower.


  • Kingdom: Plantae

  • (unranked): Angiosperms

  • (unranked): Eudicots

  • (unranked): Core eudicots

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    Beautiness of flowers around with green leaves and buds

    Order: Saxifragales

  • Family: Crassulaceae

  • Genus: Kalanchoe


The distribution of this flower will be around eastern and southern region of the country Africa. Some more species are available in Madagascar. Apart from that, it was found mainly in China and eastern part of Asia. In Madagascar itself, there are more than 60 species are available and more than 50 species are available in the Southern Africa and eastern Africa.


The nature of this flower will be as America. The first species was identified in America only. After that due to the beautiful look, scientist elaborated the species to different countries.


Kalanchoe will be cultivated in the group of Rock plants and hard plants. The color of the flower is known for purple and red. It will be mostly used for decorating purpose on Chinese New Year. The cultivation process will be very easy with fewer requirements of waters. This kind of plant will depend on the root to drop off eventually anytime. Seeds coming from Flowers will be spread by pollination and will be very useful for reproduction of plants.

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Scientific classification of Kalanchoe





Scientific Classification

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