The beautiful clustered flower plant


Just look at the indigo color

The flowers look amazing because of its vibrant colors. They usually grow in the hilly areas. But you can grow them in the garden as well. Make sure they are cultivated under shades.

Monkshood plant is tall and erect stem, which is crowned by a flower cluster of large blue, purple, white, yellow or pink zygomorphic flowers with numerous stamens. They are in a shape of a cylindrical helmet. Therefore, they are also known as or called by the name monkshood. The plant also bears other names like as Aconite, Wolf’s Bane, Leopard’s Bane, Mousebane, Women’s Bane, Devil’s Helmet, Queen of all Poisons, or Blue Rocket.


Monkshood plant is classified over 250 species of flowering plants belonging to the family of Ranunculaceae. It is the only one species of the subgenus “Aconitum (Gymnaconitum)”. Gymnandrum is sister to the group that consists of Delphinium (Delphinium), Delphinium (Delphinastrum), and “Consolida” plus “Aconitella”.


Monkshood plants are primarily found in the damp shady areas and highly moist soils all over the planet earth. They are distributed in many places over the world such as Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, North America, Navassa Island, Pacific Basin, Denmark and many more such similar places.



A closer look of the beautiful flowers

These plants mostly prefer a moist soil in sun or semi-shade. They grow well in heavy clay soils and rich, moist meadows spots of the world. Monkshood plants are mainly native to the mountainous or the hilly regions.


Several species of monkshood plants are cultivated in gardens, especially the blue and the yellow flowers. The plants flourish in garden soils easily and grow in the shade of trees. These plants are spread or propagated by divisions of the root or by seeds.

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Scientific classification of Monkshood





Scientific Classification

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