Nerium is a lethal and a posinous shrub


The vibrant nerium flowers

When you look at the plant, you won’t even realise its toxic nature. But each and every part of the plant is toxic in nature. The plant is available almost everywhere around the world. Low maintenance is required to grow in the garden.

Nerium is an amazing small evergreen shrub tree. It is also known as the Oleander. The Nerium tree has erect stems with grayish bark. The flowers are available in varying colors like white, pink or red and they grow in clusters at the end of each branch. The fruit of the tree is a long, narrow shape and looks more or less like a capsule. Oleander is one of the most poisonous plants which found in the gardens.


Nerium or oleander is an evergreen shrub and a small tree which belongs to the dogbane family Apocynaceae. The unfortunate part is that all the parts of the plant is toxic and lethal. It is the only species currently classified in the genus Nerium.



A cluster of nerium flowers

It is widely spread across the whole globe. Nerium Oleander trees found in Northern Africa, West Tropical Africa, China, Afghanistan; Cyprus; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Lebanon, Tropical Asia places and some Europian regions like Italy, France, Spain and a lot more destinations in the world.


Nerium Trees are typically grown around dry stream beds. These are mostly planted in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It is not at all an indoor plant. It is grown wonderfully outdoors and appears amazing.


Nerium Oleander is an awesome and strange plant which found in many places of the earth. These plants or trees need very less care and maintenance to grow properly. There is no specific way to develop and increase its growth. It is a poisonous garden plant.

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Scientific classification of Nerium





Scientific Classification

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