The Orchidaceae is a diverse and a widespread family of flowering plants that looms and are colorful and fragrant. They are known as the orchid family. They are one of the largest family of flowering plants.

Orchids can be easily distinguished from other plants as they share some characteristics that are different than the rest.This includes the bilateral symmetry of the flower with a highly modified petal , fused stamens and carpels and very small seeds.Orchids are known to be perennial herbs that lack in a permanent and woody structure. They grow in two patterns that are the monopodial and Sympodial pattern.


Growing Orchids in a Green house

Growing Orchids in a Green house

The taxonomy of the orchid family is constantly in flux and new studies are clarifying the relation between the orchids and their various species. There are various kinds of Orchid species that can be known if the taxonomy is well studied.There are various orchids in the orchid genera family.


Different kinds of Orchid flowers

Different kinds of Orchid flowers

Orchids are cosmopolitan flowers that are found all across the world.They occur in almost every habitat excepting the glaciers.The world richest group of orchids are found in the tropical countries as well as the Arctic circle, In southern Pantagonia, and Macquarie island.


The orchid can bloom in any habitat from the hottest of countries to the coldest- except the glaciers.There are various kinds of orchids that grow in different kinds of habitat.Some orchids have thorns while some are flowers. They are known to bloom is various colors and sizes.


Orchids are cultivated for a number of reasons. They are used for making perfumes, used as food and are also used for decoration.Orchids can bloom in any temperate conditions and in any kind of soil as well. They are known to be one of the most beautiful flowers that bloom all across the world.

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Scientific classification of Orchidaceae





Scientific Classification

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