The beautiful trumpet shaped flowers Petunia


The plants show up in the dumps after a hard rain the most recent assortments of all classes, however particularly floribundas, scattering and multifloras, to get a few hours.

Petunias are known for their trumpet-shaped flowers and energetic hues running from light pink and maroon to light blue and rich purple, profound. Petunias develop in pots, pots holding tight the informal lodging assortments are utilized as ground spread.


Petunias we now know, nonetheless, are a long way from the first run through in the greenhouses of the nineteenth century, albeit all are construct basically in light of two species were found in South America in mid-1700 and mid 1800: Petunia Flower axillaris Petunia violacea blossoms white and violet. Presented in Europe in 1800, these species have not been awesome patio nursery blossoms – blooms that were slight and little – however and, after its all said and done agriculturists, especially in Germany and England, began the campaign looking for bigger blossoms and more hues. The outcome was the greenery enclosure petunia – a gathering of plants with energizing hues, some with substantial twofold blossoms, some of the time with other basic blooms borders.


Known as Petunia x hybrida, crossover plants are not running as we probably am aware, who were sufficiently fortunate to cross species.

The growing condition

Seedlings are powerless to botrytis, an organism that is likewise the ground and spreads quickly from contaminated to sound plants. It flourishes in chilly conditions, dampness and dust frame a mold on the stems, leaves and blooms. To abstain from watering the dirt at the base, not on top of plants, don’t bunch the plants together, ensure they have great air course around them. The plants in the greenhouse can be aggravated by whiteflies and aphids, which can eat gaps in clears out. The previous is more an annoyance than a risk frightful. Maintain a strategic distance from certain degree, not petunias become close different individuals from the Solanaceae family, particularly tomatoes and potatoes.

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Scientific classification of Petunia





Scientific Classification


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