The tasty fruit of Plum and its facts


A piece of the Plum fruit

Plum is a tasty fruit. It is similar to cherries. There are other factors, which you should know about them. It is given here.

Plum or Prunus is a kind of edible fruit and it looks quite similar to other edible fruits like cherries preach and others. Though, there is a little different in shoots of the Plum fruits compared to those, which are mentioned. They have a dust coat, giving it a velvety appearance.


The Plum of Prunus is a living component, which belong to the Plantae kingdom and it belong to the angiosperms and unranked eudicots with a different classification making it come under rosids. It can be even further classified into different other groups to be kept under different under taxonomies.


The plant of Plum does not require any special conditions for growth, and thus, they can be grown anywhere without major problems. Similar to normal plants, the Plum too requires water and sunlight, but nothing special. Thus, it is found in a number of places all over the world, including various countries.


Plum fruit cut into two pieces


The plants are best grown in places, where shaded sunlight is available, which is under big trees. Thus, it can be grown in open lands or in big gardens, which has a number of other trees. Though, the plant can also be grown in direct sunlight, it is not advisable.


The Plum being a fruit, which is completely red in color, require a lot of water, as mentioned above. You should surely have a water reservoir, which can supply enough water for the growth of the Plum plant and fruit.

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Scientific classification of Plum





Scientific Classification


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