Rose is known to be a beautiful woody perennial plant of the Rosa genus in the Rosaceae family.The name is derived from a French word called Rosa, and there are around d 100 species of Roses in different colors and sizes

Rose plants are erect shrubs that can climb or trail with stems that comprise of sharp thorns. The flowers may vary in size and colors ranging from white, yellow, red, pink and many more. The leaves are borne on the stem and are about 5 to 15 centimeters long with leaflets, stipules and thorns. Most of the roses are deciduous with five petals on each


A beautiful Sterling silver rose

A beautiful Sterling silver rose

The rose flower is divided into four types. They are

  • Hulthemia with single leaves containing only one or two species

  • Hesperrhodos that is present in North America

  • Platyrhodon with species from the East Asia

  • Rosa that contains all the other roses and are divided into 11 sections.


Rose plants are distributed all across the world. They are distributed in China, Asia, Europe, America, North America, Burma, Africa and all other areas across the world in a variety of different species.


Poly House Green House rose cultivation

Poly House Green House rose cultivation

Rose is known to be one of the most beautiful flowers which smell really good. They are used for a variety of reasons like creating perfumes, decorating wedding halls and other places, for food and drink, for medicinal purpose as well as for Art.


Rose is usually well cultivated in cold places. They can be grown in pots, indoors, open fields, terrace gardens, greenhouse as well as poly house.Roses need to grow in a well controlled and protected environment as they are very delicate flowers. Rose plants require well drained sandy loam soils with organic matter and a pH of 6 for satisfactory results. They also require six to seven hours of sunlight to grow well with a temperature of 15 degrees at night and 26 degrees at morning.Excessive water is not desirable.

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Scientific classification of Rose





Scientific Classification


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