A Bouquet of multi colored tulips

A Bouquet of multi colored tulips

The tulip is an Eurasian and North African genus of perennial bulbous plants that is present in the lily family.It is known to be a herbaceous herb with showy flowers of which 75 of them are known.They are one of the most beautiful flowers.

Tulips are spring blooming perennial flowers that grow from bulbs.Tulip plants can be between 4 inches to 28 inches high depending on the species.The large flowers bloom on the scapes with leaves in a rosette in the ground level with a single flowering stalk that arises out of the leaves. These plants have two to six leaves with up to 12 as well.The plants have stamens with filaments that are shorter than the tepals.Each stigma has three different lobes with good ovaries.


The tulip genus was traditionally divided into two sections called the  Eriostemones and Tulipa. In 1997 they were increased to five subdivisions.In 2009 other sub were again proposed. Some species which were formerly classified under the tulipa are now under a different genre.


Tulips are generally found in the mountainous regions with a temperate climate and need a certain period of cool dormancy which is known as vernalization.They usually thrive in climates that are cool with long springs and dry summers.Tulip bulbs are often imported to warm and temperate climates and they are planted in autumn so that they can grow well.


Tulip cultivation in Netherlands

Tulip cultivation in Netherlands

Tulip grows naturally across Europe and Asia. They are a regular feature in all gardens and are available in a variety of colors all over the world. They are particularly found in British gardens.


Tulips were first cultivated in Persia and then the other countries followed.Tulips need free draining soil as well as space. They can survive in a mild climate and will carry growing in the water with little sunlight. They last for a week in the vase.

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Scientific classification of Tulip





Scientific Classification

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